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The Police Charter (sister organisation of Advanced Rescue by DIMERSAR) was founded in 1988 and officially registered in Canada in 1992 by Gary Foo a Police Officer and Use of Force / Tactics Instructor with Police experience in the United Kingdom and Canada.  Gary is a Tactical and Disaster Paramedic with deployments internationally in hazardous and hostile regions of the world. (Gary also consults to the motion picture industry now and works in film.

We are also very fortunate to know and work with many special people who were as passionate and actively involved with him i. 

The Police Charter has always been innovative and profession providing credible resources and support to those who need it.

Tactically speaking, when addressing Use of Force certification - The Police Charter was founded upon the principles of using proportionate, tactically effective legally defensible and proportionate methods of control in response to any resistance again officers. When speaking of other programmes such as Close Protection (Bodyguarding) or Communications or Leadership training - it is all professional, credible, effective and appropriate - whilst maintaining the highest standards.


Our team is a group of specialists and experts, some still active duty and service and others former operators.



The Police Charter delivers it's training and consultancy to Police and Military groups as well as Crown / Sovereign agencies - such as Corrections / Court Security etc. It also provides training and consultancy to selected other agencies such as some bona fide Security and private firms.



The Police Charter in-house trainers or 'Instructors' are called 'Executive Staff Instructors' and virtually everyone has a credible background in teaching and practical real world of 'doing' this for real. This means that if you are teaching Police training then you would have a Police background. Similarly, if you are teaching Security then you would have a Police or Security / Law Enforcement background. Civilians who are Martial Arts Instructors (but have no background in Law Enforcement / Police / Security etc) will not be signing of on say, "How to arrest and handcuff someone" because The Police Charter only uses Executive Staff Instructors who have personal experience doing this.



The Police Charter Instructor training programme is significant and noteworthy. It teaches to a HIGHER standard than the regular levels and Instructors must perform above average. It 'tests' to a HIGHER standard than regular levels so prospective members must prove competency.


We teach Instructors 'how to teach' when they do an Instructor Programme.Instructors wear a recognisable uniform when teaching relevant use of force training. Instructors are supported with additional supporting technical and pedagogic material


There are 5 Instructor Levels within the Police Charter INSTRUCTOR programme.


  • Apprentice Instructor

  • Assistant Instructor

  • Full Instructor

  • Staff Instructor

  • Executive Staff Instructor


For more information, please contact us at:

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