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Close Protection


“Close Protection is the act of physical and intellectual security initiatives – such as planning and preparation – surrounding the physical protection of a person or person/s (known as the “Principal” in an environment where there is usually a degree of direct or indirect risk or injury to happening to your Principal.”


"Bodyguarding" as it is commonly called requires a combination of practical skills (such as driving or weapons handling) and academic study which is put into several scenarios with teams of different sizes.


We have sent CPOs (Close Protection Officers) around the world for HNW Clients, Celebrities, diplomatics, Ruling Families (Royal families) and other VIPs.  


  • Sample Training and Certification Curriculum

  • CPO (Close Protection Operative)

  • Roles & responsibilities of the CPO

  • Duties and Roles of Team.

  • Threat & risk assessment

  • Surveillance awareness

  • Counter Surveillance & Anti-Ambush.

  • Operational planning

  • Law & legislation

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Close Protection team work

  • Reconnaissance

  • Close Protection foot techniques

  • Route selection

  • Mapping and Electronic Recording.

  • Intelligence Gathering & CP Recon.

  • Operational Planning.

  • CP Driver / Bodyguard Driver.

  • Use of Close Protection vehicle techniques

  • Search awareness

  • Bombs and Explosives

  • Incidents and dilemmas

  • Venue based security

  • Communication and conflict management skills

  • Use of Force, Self Defence & E&E (Escape & Evasion)



We provide short training courses for established teams as well as full on certification schools for private and Government teams.


We have trained PSDs (Private Security Detail) for Operators who are working in the Middle East or Corporate Security teams providing VIP security for corporate bankers or celebrities.


Whether the teamis armed or not armed or has a team of vehicles or just one or two BGs (Bodyguards) our experienced trainers can teach and have experiences to manage the potential threat against the Principal / VIP, the Security Team and the Public and minimise liabilities along the way.


We have also trained teams and integrated our team into theirs while the team gains experience and gradually pulled out leaving the trained and now more experienced team in place.


Whatever the need in Close Protection, we can look after it.


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