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Edged Weapons


The threat of lethal and non lethal encounters involving Edged Weapons such as knives, bottles, glasses, screwdrivers, scissors etc, brought the necessity to develop the Police Charter Edged Weapon's Defense System.


It is an unfortunate reality that edged-weapons are not only highly accessible, but easy to use in applying lethal force —even in the hands of someone with little or no training.


In 1991 The Police Charter researched most of the programmes available for martial artists and police officers.


From this we developed an extremely comprehensive —and immensely popular— Edged-weapon Defense System for Law Enforcement Officers.  The training is practical and effective.  Those who have had to use it in situations on the street testify they owe their lives to it.


Topics and instruction in this programme include:

• Knowledge of knives and knife fighters (incidental and planned)

• The attitudes and kinesics of the three main types of attacker

• The types of person who carry edged-weapons

• The physiological & psychological responses to high stress 

• How to use them to your advantage

• Knowledge of the ways a knife can wound

• Knowledge of most lethal and non-lethal targets

• Stances and gestures / kinesics

• Correct timing (Reactionary Gap usage and limitations)

• Target and attack precautions and distractions

• Planned and prepared responses to knife attacks

• The Subject Control Approach and avoidance principals

• Realistic and unrealistic defenses

• Knife sparing in many variations

• Reflexive and spontaneous defenses

• Long-range and short-range strategies against a knife attack

• The use of other weapons in defense

• The importance of a survival mind set


This programme is provided at standard and Instructor levels.


It is also integrated as a module into programmes such as the Use of Force Instructor School and CPO (Bodyguard) School.


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