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Forensic Services


Expert Witness & Specialist Consultants

The Police Charter provides expert witness testimony and associated specialist consultants. We consult to Legal firms, businesses and corporations, Police Services and bona fide Security Organizations and other entities on the use of force and other specialist areas of criminal justice related subjects. This service is invaluable in preparation of necessary information, reducing legal liabilities and improving public image.


Typically we can aid with

  • Initial case review of potential liability in specific instances

  • Development and implementation of (a Use of Force) Policy and Procedure

  • Evaluating a potential or existing case for specific issues

  • Teaching counsel technical and linguistic information

  • Assist in the framing of trial questions, forming the case, using evidence and incorporating case law

  • Creating a full service forensic resource

  • Forensic Expert Witness Testimony

  • Creation of internal policies, procedures, practises and performances to improve group results


We have an extensive resource of specialists and as importantly, an established methodology that will reduce costs and improve function. This will ultimately reduce legal liability (both Civil and Criminal) whilst seeking to improve profitability of a company, crown agency or service.


To know more, contact us at or call us (DIMERSAR at 647 930 5646)

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