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Mountain Bikes & MBSAR




A new-ish developing capacity over the past few years is the use of Mountain Bikes in the Police Charter Emergency Services training and certification programmes. The capacity or use of Mountain Bikes is not new but our programme is new and enhanced over what it was.


We now provide certification to the Emergency Services in the following:

  • Mountain Bike Search and Rescue

  • Mountain Bike Police Patrol

  • Mountain Bike Security Patrol

  • Mountain Bike EMS Responder

  • Mountain Bike Fire & Rescue


These programmes are run in conjunction with the DIMERSAR Organisation and our first specially developed programme - Mountain Bike Search and Rescue. Training is offered at 5 levels Including two levels of Instructor certification.


For more information on the programe or to get certified contact us at:


Our Mountain Bike Courses offered and recognised through various organisations. The Police Charter series of Certification Courses are offered year around in all environments, weathers and types of terrain.



Centres based in The United Kingdom, Canada, The United States, The Philippines and Australia.


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