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However, books and reference texts are held in:


  • Canadian Police College

  • Ontario Police College

  • Justice Institute of BC



We often get asked how much for our services and what it includes. Our prices are relatively unchanged in 10 years!  Understanding that there are some variables involved, we have a simple formula. 


Certification Courses come with

  • Instruction / Certification Training

  • Practical Evaluation

  • Written Testing

  • Materials for Training

  • FREE Texts, handouts, books, manuals

  • Management of Candidate Files


And upon Certification

  • Certificate suitable for framing for Candidate

  • 2nd Certificate (copy) for organisation records

  • A plastic Certification Wallet Card

  • An Organisational Certificate suitable for the wall

  • Associated papers, Ministry Use of Force docs. etc.

  • Graduation Pin



One day use of Force Certification

(i.e., Tactical Communications, Tactical Baton, Tactical Handcuffing, etc.)

Min. 12 persons.

Ave Cost: $179 to $199 + tx includes all Certifications, Re-sits if necessary, Company Standard Support.

Expenses may be extra. Certain courses come with their own fees, such as the Tactical Communications - Instructor



The Police Charter, provides expert witness testimony and support consultancy for organisations of individuals or legal teams requiring such services. As a ball park, the approximate starting rate for an Expert in Use of Force or other Tactical Operations is $175 per hour plus expenses.


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