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Here we have higlighted some of our more popular specialist courses and subjects for you.  These are 'umbrella headings' and also comprise of many several other sub-headings and related subjects within it.  The Police Charter has offerd these courses for many years and with out sister group we provide select training and certification.

Close Protection / Bodyguard


The Police Charter has been providing Close Protection training in "one day" to "one month" certification schools for over 20 years and many of our candidates have gone on to work in national and international CP (Close Protection) taskings and contracts.

Search and Rescue


Search and Rescue (SAR) is a very broad subject - like saying "Medical Training." The Police usually have primacy in the case of missing persons and major disaster coordination. The Police Charter, with our partner provides a lot of specialist Search and Rescue training.

Use of Force


The Police Charter provides a full catalogue of training in all 5 Use of Force levels in Police, Security, Military and Specialty groups.  We provide original programmes and training manuals along with other externally recognised courses and come with Colour Certificates and Wallet Cards.

International Security Tech.


The International Security Technician (IST) qualification is a program devised specially for those operators working in an International capacity as a member of an International group, and with Security and / or Protection responsibilities. It is specially tailored for developing countries.

Surveillance & Investigations


 There are many ways to perform surveillance from the covert to the overt and as an individual or a team (running and ABC pattern for example) and the use of technology too (such as covert recording devices or surveillance cameras.) We also teach many ways to perform investigations.

Mountain Bikes


We have a very comrehensive and well received Mountain Bike programme for Police and Security. (We also teach a medic versio and have a very popular MBSAR (Mountain Bike Search and Rescue) course which is highly regarded as one of the best of its type with proprietary materials.

Tactical Medicine & First Aid


The Police Charter provides training and certification in First Aid and Tactical Medicine (such as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and other Police and Battlefield medical training.  The First Aid training is provided to national certification standards and recognised.



Policing & Security


The Police Charter provides a lot of services to the Police and Security Community. This includes Management and Leadership training, Forensic Analysis, Expert Witness Testimony and Police Fitness Testing (and are able to Appraise for the Police Fitness Pin of Ontario (PFPO) in Canada. 

SWAT / Tactical


The Police Charter has been running SWAT and Tactical training for over 20 years and can teach or certify in one area or several as well as audit a department's tactical capacity and provide training solutions for their officers. This is mostly only for Sworn Officers and The Military. 

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