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Next Tactical Medic Course infomation

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Thursday 21st August 2014

Regular Cost: $349


GTA / Mississauga, Ontario

Exact location upon registration.

Our Tactical Medicine is currently available in 4 classes. The first and most logically operationally and tactically common is Care Under Fire according to the CoTCCC and Police and Military Tactical Combat Casualty Care is the basis of our programme with several other useful and pertinent customisations and tactical and medical adjuncts.

This course also addresses the growing concern with Active Shooters and singular and mass assault lines of attack from subjects intent on killing or injuring others such as innocent members of the public and the police, military and security forces that respond to such threats. (Unfortunately we cannot offer this training to 'everyone' and you will need to justify a reason and capacity in which yu should be attending this training.)

We call this 'colloquially' or affectionately: "Tourniquets and Transport."

However, although there is a lot of practice on the 3 types of Tourniquets (TQs) and how and where to apply them "under fire" as well as ETDs (Israeli Dressings) and other haemostatic agents we also cover some tactics and specialist skills you may not expect as well as the medical and tactical equipment needed.

To enquire simply email us at or register directly at THIS LINK.

Please note you should be a MEDIC / EMS / PARAMEDIC, Police, Security, Military or be able to justify why you need this training. Thank you.



  • This includes lifts, carries and rescue drags.

  • The use of casualty evacuation kit

  • The use of 3 types of Tourniquets

  • The use of Haemostatic dressings

  • The tactical response "On the X"

  • The history and background to TacMed

  • Medical items in a "Tactical Medical kit"

  • Other aspects like case studies & tactics

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