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Tactical Baton

and other Impact Weapons


Certification Training is provided in the

  • Tactical (expandable / collapsible) Baton

  • The Straight Baton

  • The Side-handled (PR24) Baton

  • The Sceptor Baton.


There are three levels of training available:

  • Standard

  • Advanced and

  • Instructor certification.


All programmes correctly stress the importance of conflict avoidance.


However, when physical techniques are necessary, we teach officers effective and justifiable methods of controlling resistance.


We are very aware of public images and the need for the best methods possible for controlling threatening behaviour within justifiable and humane methods.


  • The programme’s syllabus includes:

  • The history and nomenclature of the Baton

  • Use of Force justification and liability

(incorporating relevant aspects of the Criminal Code of Canada)

  • Carrying, drawing and loading the Baton

  • Assault prevention and awareness issues

  • Subject Control Approach

  • Dealing with resistance and active aggression

  • Practical Baton techniques

  • Baton retention issues and techniques

  • Easily pressure points and motor points

  • Tactically effective and court defensible techniques and target areas

  • Open and closed expandable techniques (Tactical Baton)

  • Maintenance and upkeep of batons

  • Each aspect is covered comprehensively with full interaction and practise by the officers.


Please contact us for further information on the syllabus of any particular baton programme.






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