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Tactical Rappel and Fast Roping

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We teach 6 main methods for Police (& Military) Height, Rope and Rappel (Abseil) purposes ranging from safety, access to rescue and assault. Police and security forces, including military, have an additional consideration usually which is to carry and maintain their use of force and any other tactical options whilst they are “On Rope” or “At Height.”

All cover the use of rope but some also mention the use of other platforms such as ladders, aerial access points and even helicopters. Most of it focuses on the use of ropes for rappelling (abseiling) in a tactical environment and also includes "Fast Roping / FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System" 

Categories of Use

In general we categorise the response into 6 main areas from 2 to 10 stories high and accommodate the unique equipment, use of force options, surveillance and public safety considerations for the Tactical Rappel Master.  

  • Recon

  • Access 

  • Rescue

  • Stealth

  • Dynamic

  • Expedient

The 6 main courses are:

  1. Height, Safety & Recon (Rappel) 

  2. Special Tactics & Rappel (STAR)

  3. Tactical Rope Access Course (TRAC)

  4. Tactical Rappel Tech (often with optional, “Fast Roping.”)

  5. Rappel Master

  6. Rappel Master Instructor


All courses can be run for an urban environment, an austere

and wilderness environment or combined

(And often with added with “The Tactical Medic.”)


  • Police / Military Rappel Towers / Fire & Rescue Towers

  • Urban buildings (minimum 2 to 3 story)

  • Wilderness, Austere and Wooded Areas

  • Artificial / Man Made Structures & Aircraft


For more information or to book a course for you agency email us (through our training partner and sister section) or call 647 930 5646

For purchase and gear supplies contact us at our sales division. Some proof of employment / justification of need may be required for certain items.

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