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Use of Force




The Police Charter have been providing Use of Force training and certification courses for Police, Military, Private Investigators and Private Security since 1992 - at all levels including standard (basic), advanced and instructor.


The Police Charter offer Court Defensible and Tactically Effective Use of Force Training from Basic Officer Safety to Baton, Firearms Training and inetrantional standards for engagement and court defensible methods of subject control.


The Police Charter have been offering all Use of Force Programmes since 1990 and was officially registered and founded in 1992 in Canada.  


We can provide Use of Force training and certification for Police, Military and bona fide Security organisations.


  • Officer Safety

  • Subject Control Approach

  • Tactical Handcuffing

  • Tactical Communications

  • Diffusing Aggressive Behaviour

  • Pressure Point & Empty Hand Control

  • Control and Restraint

  • Ground defence techniques

  • Multiple attacker scenarios

  • Variable terrain

  • CQB / CQC (Close Quarter)

  • Impact Weapons

  • Aerosol Weapons

  • Edged Weapons & Knives

  • Lethal Use of Force Options

  • Firearms: Techniques and Tactics

  • CAT (Counter Assault Team)


For the next available course in Ontario Canada, please contact us at 

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